Having Fun With Your Marketing

Marketing can sometimes be very dry and if your target audience is really looking hard for your service, maybe, just maybe, they will wade through boring copy for it. However, if you can add a little humor into your marketing, your audience will happily read what you have to say. The Instagram Untitled design (2)post shown is a simple, light Halloween post that got some great feedback. Many business folks will say that you need to have a serious “call to action” (and sure, I could have done that here. “Act now and get…”), but remember that just keeping your business in the consumer’s mind is important in and of itself. Plus, if you can throw a smile their way, that will increase their sense of connection with you. This, in conjunction with content that shows your expertise and builds trust (in the forms of blog posts, article links from reputable sources, etc.), will make you their choice when it comes to selecting a professional or business to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

Serious professions are great (and I’m not knocking the serious folks), but if your target market can get the technical skills AND have some fun, you can bet that they will choose the latter. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Deep Work: a Book Review

Entrepreneurs are masters of multi-tasking… or so we think. I have come to realize that I’m kidding myself. I’m not an effective multi-tasker, just a bit AD..squirrel! For those of us that need to get stuff done, Deep Work, Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, by Cal Newport, discusses the research on our misbelief that we can successfully multi-task. It also offers some great insights on ways we can create more opportunities for the quality work that comes from getting into the zone. Deep WorkFrom creating a set time for your work that requires an uninterrupted, undistracted work, to taking time for moving meditation (letting your mind work on a specific problem while performing repetitive tasks such as walking the dog, biking to work, etc.), Deep work will help you start to change your daily routines so that you can achieve the quality work you are hoping for.

I have started to implement some of the techniques described in the book and it’s already helped me finish up a couple of projects that have been nagging at me. Definitely worth the read.

Deep Work