Remember QR Codes?

A QR code (Quick Response code), like a bar code, is a unique design that represents a particular item (could be a webpage, a specific landing page, video, etc.) Once scanned, it takes you directly to see more information about that particular item, no roundabout path of going to the website, then dropdown menu… directly to where you wanted to go (hence quick response). Great, right? Well, back when smartphones first came on the scene, the only way to scan these was by using a QR code reader. This was an app that you would have to locate on your phone, wait for it to open, then scan. These extra steps took that much more time, made the QR code that much less quick and the QR code lost much of its momentum. At this point I pretty much wrote it off as a failed experiment and didn’t really pursue it for my business any further… until now.

Initial Consult QR code1 (1)

This is a simple QR code. They can now include your logo and custom colors.

I was at a conference last week and paid attention to all of the QR codes that I saw being used and scanned (including on our registration badges). What seems to have really changed is that we no longer need an app to read the codes. In 2017, Apple changed their operating system so now, if you just train your smartphone camera on the code, it will recognize it and ask if you want to go to the link. Boom! You’re there! We’re back to a really quick response. In fact, in some countries, your individual QR code is like Apple Pay, you can pay for your products with a scan.

So, it’s time to take another look at how we can use QR codes because, quick response to customer interest is a very big deal for our business.

For more QR code information, check out “Why 2019 is the year of QR codes

To find out about where to generate your QR codes, click here.

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