Keep Learning to Grow

I’m often amazed at how many individuals sit back on whatever knowledge base they have and don’t actively seek opportunities for growth. Maybe they feel that they are doing fine and are perfectly happy just cruising along.

As for me, I can’t imagine not knowing more, not improving my ability to help others, or even change the world (Hey, you never know. It could happen.). While that is true, I also just love to learn.

Untitled design (48)

OK, not this kind of growing… You know what I mean.

Every industry has live conferences and workshops that you can attend. These are great opportunities to learn from session content and from other attendees. I present at 3-5 conferences per year and, if truth be told, I like doing it so I can get to see other presenters and learn from them. These days there are any number of conferences and courses that can be attended online. They are perfect for people that can’t take the time to go to a live one. Often times they can be viewed at your leisure.

Of course, there’s reading.  So far, I’ve read 26 books this year (a combination of audio books and hard copy). 8 of those were novels (because who doesn’t need a little escapism?), but the remaining 18 were non-fiction topics to increase my knowledge in business, build skills to enhance my ability to help my clients, and learn about creativity (just because it fascinates me). You can also check out industry journals and magazines for educational or inspirational material.

Lifetime learning is so important for being able to grow in your business and your life. Don’t sit back and miss out on something that can be so transformative.

Learn and Grow.

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