One definition of critical mass is “the minimum amount or number required for something to happen, begin, etc.” In our businesses, that may be a successful launch of a new product, getting the big break opportunity, or finally operating in the black. Whatever you define as your success, it is most likely to be the accumulation of smaller successes until you reach your own critical mass.

“Overnight success”, as we all know, is never overnight. In his book “Outliers” Malcolm Gladwell delves into how the seemingly gifted elite performers in the world (from the Beatles to Bill Gates) are simply a product of desire, opportunity, and practice. In fact, in several books that I’ve read, the standard amount of time these “endowed” individuals have spent practicing their craft is 10,000 hours. Their rise may indeed be meteoric, but that is simply the point when their achievements have hit critical mass and all of their work to date is acknowledged, appreciated, and rewarded.

So, as you work toward your goals, keep in mind that you need to put in your time learning/practicing in order to become an elite performer and that if you are continually seeking or creating opportunities for achieving smaller successes, you will eventually hit the critical mass needed and become the “Overnight Success” in your field or business.

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