Along with the idea of the Experience Designer post, I got thinking about how we might enhance the experience of Personal Training and be consistant with our brand. Immediately my view of what I deem as a professional experience jumps into my mind. Only a fraction of a second later I realized that my view is very biased (by nature of being my view). Even just addressing a Personal Trainer’s appearance, I’m a firm beliver in a clean, professional look complete with with uniforms and name tags. Now what if you run a Boot Camp? What kind of look would the Trainer/Instructor have? Maybe your facility has a theme. That would change things everything.

So, before we actually get to discussing the Trainer, what is the club/studio’s brand? What do people think of when they here the club’s name? An even bigger question would be, what would the club owner want people to think of? If you want an example of a club brand out of the ordinary, check out the Anti-Gym . Not the brand I would want for my club, but a strong brand none the less. Saco Sport & Fitness, where I am a Fitness Director, is professional yet comfortable, multi-purpose club for the entire family. Beyond that we also hope that our committment to member success is also perceived as part of the brand.

Now that the club/studio brand has been clarified we can re-address the Personal Training experience in Brand “Experience” part 2.

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